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The High Points are a 4 piece multi genre from Norwich specialising in funk and soul but not shying away from other genres as displayed in certain songs . 2021 saw them go full time as musicians and things picked up a lot more, gaining over 2500 fans across all platforms in less than 6 months. The band also started busking around city’s in the UK, playing private shows, and putting on their own headline shows. They also picked up great support slots opening for the likes of James Taylor Quartet 3 times in Norwich, Worcester and South End, The Night Café , Monophonics and Cut Capers. On 22/12/22 The High Points put on their own show at Norwich’s famous Art Centre which they sold out in a matter of weeks, after this is in 2023 the band landed one of their songs 'taking my time' for Wendy's Burgers USA's Commercial for their $3 breakfast deal which was a great highlight! Alongside all of this they sold out a 700 cap Norwich Waterfront Show based on their own promotion alone and have carried on doing various shows. 

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